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B2C Website Development

Our B2C website design and advancement solutions are adjustable to meet the remarkable needs of your business. We manufacture responsive mobile friendly sites with or without E-commerce development. Our B2C website are SEO friendly as we creates it by the help of our SEO Services in Noida which helps in enhancing your organic reach. We start by examining your objectives and what you and your clients need in a B2C website development. Next, we manage you through choosing coordinated modules that transform your site into a viable deals device. A portion of these highlights includes featured products, management of banner ads, shopping cart, advanced product search. We help you to attract more and more customers with a strategic B2C website.

At One Digital Technologies we creates B2C portal which is primarily a large e-commerce website using which customers directly purchase items and products through online transactions. We know the latest market trends and deeply understand the demand of market. We provide high functionality web design in order to enhance the online business. It helps you to take your business to the next level and increase the number of customers. We have 24x7 support so that we can solve your queries.

Some Common features of B2C Website Development

  • • Fully customization
  • • Call to action
  • • Secure payment gateway
  • • Fast and safe browsing
  • • User friendly
  • Why we are different from other B2C website design company

  • • Never disappoint from any our services
  • • Delivery of project in a stipulated time
  • • Fast and secure payment gateway for online transaction
  • • Use original software
  • • Our well planned approach ensure that you get your dream website
  • • Web solution at affordable rates
  • Benefits to customer & business

  • • We focus on that your business can achieve new height and unlock new opportunities
  • • Increase online presence and enhance brand exposure
  • • Bridge the gap between company and consumer
  • • Helps consumers to take them to right place to buy what they have searching for
  • Online trading website consists of following pages


    We are experts in developing home page of B2C website which is the default page of any website. Several home pages includes navigation bar, search bar, testimonials sections, introduction of the business or a company, recent news or updates, feeds sections. Our home page clearly states about the business and about the brands.


    Our products description page states about the specifications of the products in a well defined manner. We create attractive page so that it could solely attract the customers by just reading the specifications. Our page consists of product description, rating of the product, add to cart button, customer rating, feedback, reviews and seller information.


    One Digital Technologies creates cart page or wishlist page which includes options like total billing amount, product quantity, delete the product and save the items in the cart. Some of the big e-commerce website using such pages with several features like tax, coupon code, products specs, seller information and address. We also creates section for similar items or recommended products so that customers can engage themselves in our recommended similar products.


    One Digital Technologies improve look at page much of the time disregarded region for retailers searching for courses to increment online income. Rather, our site structuring master and advanced showcasing master center around planning and streamlining checkout page that boards well. All things considered, this is your client's initial introduction of your business, and your first chance to persuade them to remain, peruse and buy. But with regards to purchasing, an online store's checkout far outperforms some other component of the site as far as significance — including CTA actions, item page specs, and all other information.

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